ROBERT TO, Photographer

Robert To started photography in 1998 at the José Marti International Institute of Journalism in Havana, where he began to publish some of his work and collaborating with the Cuban Institute of Arts and Cinema. He was also member in jury's international movies festival in France, his native land.

In France since 2000, he has realised several exhibitions at various venues (galleries, exhibition centers, universities, secondary schools, cultural centers, cinemas, libraries, theaters, council and village halls,) in different regions. Noticed for his work he won his first competition in 2001 and has had a “Spécial Images” dedicated to his work in the magazine Réponses Photo, as well as a selection for the site www.robert-to.eu in the magazine Déclic Photo.

He still always travelling in France and worldwide, there alternating between reports, exhibitions, publications and editions.

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